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At Sims & Steele Consulting we are committed to providing advice and guidance in fundraising, strategic planning and organizational development while serving non-profits through a client-centered process that maximizes the involvement of both the staff and volunteer leadership.

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Sims & Steele Consulting helps clients bring forth the changes they want to see in the community and in our world. We help clients plan, measure, and achieve results.

Over the years our consultants, through their experience and client campaigns, have raised nearly a half a billion dollars. At Sims & Steele we work hard to achieve results -- on time, over goal and under budget.

Our talented team of professionals brings a wide range of nonprofit expertise, really listens to get to know your organization, and teaches you tools to face challenges, make skillful choices, deepen partnerships -- and thrive!

Under no circumstances will Sims & Steele Consulting ever have custody or control of any contributions.