“Sims & Steele guided us through our feasibility study and campaign. They did so with great patience! Best, we achieved our goal two months ahead of schedule.”

-Lewis J. Kraus, Executive Director
Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity


Strategic planning is at the heart of your success as an organization and is a prerequisite for successful fundraising. We will partner with you to engage stakeholders in your vision, establish your position and brand, define key outcomes, and track your indicators of success.

Further, we can work with you to develop operational, sustainability, or fundraising strategies that foster buy-in and commitment, empower good decision-making, and increase results and accountability.


Sims & Steele’s clients have raised nearly half a billion for their projects. Our work includes:

  • Getting you ready
  • Conducting studies to determine support for your funding objectives
  • Developing campaign strategy
  • Managing capital campaigns
  • Developing strategies for identifying, cultivating and soliciting prospective donors
  • Creating planned giving options
  • Developing supporting materials
  • Hiring and training staff and volunteers

Grant Writing

Sims & Steele has helped nonprofits attract over $75 million in grant support. Grant writing services include:

  • Researching foundations and prospects most in alignment with your organization
  • Writing compelling proposals and cases for support
  • Editing proposals for impact
  • Developing budgets that stand up to funders’ scrutiny.

Organizational Development

Sims & Steele guides you through each key step, based on your organization’s pressing capacity needs, such as:

  • Developing board and governance policy
  • Assessing organizational needs and solutions
  • Strengthening communications systems
  • Developing economic impact studies
  • Advising teams on compliance and follow-through
  • Improving governance practices
  • Providing executive mentoring, executive hiring, and interim executive directorships.

Board Governance and Nonprofit Training/Retreats

Successful organizations invest in continuous learning and improvement. On-going professional development of staff, Board, and volunteers ensures that nonprofits remains innovative, adaptive, skillfull, and helps to retain good people. Sims & Steele offers a wide range of topics on governance, management, organizational development, and fundraising.