Orangeburg County Library

When new Orangeburg County Library Director, Roberta Bibbins, arrived in 2010, she asked for a copy of the Library’s strategic plan. There wasn’t one. Roberta realized that there were so many opportunities. It would be easy to get distracted. To stay focused they needed a written strategic plan and especially the buy-in of the Board and the County.

S&S conducted interviews of Orangeburg library, county, and corporate officials to help the Library Board create a strategic plan with strong community buy-in. Three strategic decisions led to the plan’s success: forming a Library Foundation to help build a tradition of appreciation and giving, strengthening Library communications and activities, and targeting key partners.

Roberta, with partnership of the Central Carolina Community Foundation, is moving forward with achieving strategic objectives. Her goal, the culmination of the new strategic plan, will be to build a new downtown Main Library to serve the community of Orangeburg.